The “Protection Panel”

The “Protection Panel” developed by Sommer during the year of 2001 sets the higher end of Sommer’s range of saddles apart from other saddles in terms of comfort for the horse. This new sandwich construction allows the particular characteristics of the various materials to interact in the following way:

  1. The core made of synthetic flocking remains soft and elastic and does not absorb any moisture. It retains its elasticity permanently and will not compact or become hard and “lumpy.”
  2. The next layer of natural hair felt in the shape of a bag completely surrounds the core of synthetic flocking. The natural material takes the shape of the horse’s back without becoming rigid.
  3. A layer of special natural cellular rubber reluctant to return to its initial form gives additional softness on the side adjoining the horse’s back.
  4. The several sandwich elements are encapsulated in a leather bag that is then hand sewed around the edges with stylish piping that ends in the middle.

Adjustment of the gullet width is done on site using our purpose designed adjusting machine. The range of adjustability is 27 to 38cm – very narrow to XX-wide! Every Sommer Saddle has a 30 year warrantee on its tree with no limitation on the amount of times it may be adjusted. Furthermore, flocking in the panels can be altered on site by our qualified saddle fitters.

Your Sommer saddle will therefore fit your horse during its entire lifetime since it can be adjusted to compensate for each growth period or change in your horse’s condition.